Analysis of Araby

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20th European Literature
Araby by James Joyce

1. In what ways is North Richmond Street blind?
North Ricmond streer was considered blind in the story because of the emptiness and nothingness that the street has, it is full of negativism. Yes, there are people in this street, but they just stare at each other, there is less communication. And also, I think it is considered as blind because it is not relying on what is real.

2. How does the narrator regard Mangan's sister? Does she do or say anything to justify his attitude toward her?
The narrator adores Mangan’s sister so much. He says that she was the boy’s first love. On this line: "Her figure defined by the light from the half-opened door.... Every morning I lay on the floor in the front parlor watching her door," we can justify that thae boy is treating this girl like a saint. On the story, it can be said that the boy had still a confusion at first about love and religion. But, he pay more attention for love that’s why at the end, disappointments happened.

3. How does Joyce contrast the beautiful and romantic with the ugly and banal? Which is closer to the truth? For Joyce, beautiful and romantic is a way better than the ugly and banal. Most people believe that it is more attractive and worthy to look on the physical appearances. Like what the boy looks with Mangan’s sister. He adores her beauty not knowing her other side. This can justify that beautiful and romantic is closer to the truth.

4. Why does the narrator wait for his uncle in the room where the priest died? How does that setting emphasize his emotions?
Because this room where the priest died makes him fell so blessed. His feelings affects his view towards the girl that she loves. He thought that this girl is different from anybody, that’s why she trated her like a saint, but in contrast, this girl is really different from what she thinks....
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