Analysis of Anthony Eaton's A New Kind of Dreaming

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Q. "Anthony Eaton portrays the issues of the abuse of authority and power through chracterisation". Discuss this statement providing close references to the novel.

Characterisation is a vivid description of a person's appearance and character. This is presented through their actions, speech or thought. The novel 'A New Kind of Dreaming' by Anthony Eaton uses characterisation to portray the issue of abuse of authority and power through the antagonist Sergeant Butcher. Sergeant Butcher is a powerful high ranked policeman in the isolated town Port Barren. The author urges us to question whether we would report the crimes with the repercussions that would follow, or to keep quiet.

Elliot Butcher is the small town, Port Barren's Sergeant in the novel 'A New Kind of Dreaming'. His characterisation perceives him as the antagonist. Throughout the story he abuses the power of authority he has over the town to smoothly cover up his own crimes. Knowing he is a respected high ranked policeman he uses kids with a troubled past to blame, knowing the people of Port Barren would take his word over the kids due to his position. Sergeant Butcher's abuse of power gradually increased as the story progresses. From threatening people to vandalising and arson to torturing and murder. On page 157 the quote "That'll do you alot of good in court. Your word against mine. You really think a judge is gonna believe a teenage piece of dirt like you over a sergeant in the police force?" reinforces his belief that he can do what ever he wants and can get away with it. The fact that he is a police officer makes his crimes even worse.

Lorraine is the central character Jamie Riley's social worker. She is seen as a stereotypical 'spot the social worker'. In the story, Lorraine previously had a forbidden relationship with one of her clients. The client who was under age and had a troubled past similar to Jamie. This was illegal and therefore jeopardized her career and risked her being...
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