Analysis of Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome became one of the largest empires in the ancient world. Ancient Rome was a civilization that began growing from the 8th century BC. The empire was founded on 753 BC. In 753 BC, Rome was founded. Ancient Rome’s daily life is often compared to be similar to ours.

The geography of Ancient Rome was the one of the main reason for its success. Rome is in the Italian peninsula. Italy is filled with a lot of hills, mountains, plains and rivers. Rome was vulnerable to attacks because of the Italian peninsula sticking out into the Mediterranean sea. Eventually allowed Rome to control all of the land within the Mediterranean area. Ancient Rome had very fertile land. The rivers and oceans made it easier for Romans to trade supplies. The mountains would make it difficult to Romans to interact with other cultures. There were many farms in Ancient Rome due to the fertile land. The geography was good for the agriculture. Agriculture in Ancient Rome was considered as a necessity. The more land one person has, more important that person is in the city. The geography influenced the development of Rome. Ancient Rome was built on top of several hilltops. The hilltops helped them defend themselves. The Tiber River provided transportation to the people in Rome. It also provided fresh water for the people. Due to its location, Roman warriors spread the Roman influence and culture across southern Europe. Ancient Rome’s geography influenced the development of Rome.

Roman Republic was the period of Roman civilization when the government started to act as a republic. Many Roman culture aspects were the same as the Greeks. Slaves and slave markets were a big part of society. The footwear Romans wore, indicated their social status. Like the Greeks, Roman boys were trained to fight. Girls were taught from their mothers how to spin, weave, and sew things. Romans had the same religious beliefs as the Greeks. Every household had an altar, in which the family...
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