Analysis: Emotion and Jon

Topics: Emotion, The Forsyte Saga, John Galsworthy Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The extract under analysis is taken from the great work “The Forsyte Saga”. The events in the extract are presented in chronological order. The form of representation is narration broken by dialogues, descriptive narration and half-reported speech. It’s a 3rd person singular. In my opinion, the structure can be open-plot. There is no introduction and denouement. At once, the story proper begins with a dialogue between two young persons. There are four characters. Jon and Fleur are the lovers. “It was a love-in-a-mist – one of those illumined pages of Life…all was as little gold and red and blue butterflies and lowers and birds scrolled in among the text”. Irene and Jolyon are husband and wife and parents of the Jon. Character drawing is both direct and indirect. The images of Jon and Fleur are described through the conversation, thoughts, action and mood. Jon is young, hot-tempered person. “Isn’t already there any place, cried Jon”, “Consumed with shame, he put on a front as brazen as his nature would permit”. Fleur is young, may be slightly vulgar lady. “Fleur was smiling, a little defiantly…”. Jon’s mother (Irene) appears in us as a calm and wise woman. “…his mother’s startled face was changing quickly to the impersonal and gracious”, “his mother said quietly…”. And only description of Jon’s father can be direct. “…in the eyes of that tranquil figure, with his knees crossed, thin, old, and elegant…” Judging by that as Jon is afraid of the reaction of his father we can tell that his father is the strict man. The story proper is organized in the way of gradation. I think there is a descending gradation leading to the anticlimax. The most high point is the meeting of Jon and Fleur with Jon’s mother. Here high emotional rise is felt. Especially it’s concerned of Jon. “There are various kinds of shocks: to the vertebrae; to the nerves; to moral sensibility; and, more potent and permanent, to personal dignity.” The emotions of Fleur and Irene are calmer. Even, I...
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