Analiz Teksta Dangerous Corner

Topics: Figure of speech, Question, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: March 4, 2013

The text under analysis is written by John Boynton Priestly. He is one of the outstanding English authors. He was the success of his novel “The Good Companions” (1929) which brought him world fame. The genre of the story is a play (drama). Form of narration is dramatic dialogue, especially in author’s remarks there are descriptive narration. According to the title we can guess that the play describes some dangerous situation, it implies that “dangerous corner” is a dead end, a difficult situation, which has no way out, like “to be in a tight corner”. The theme of the given extract is a tense conversation between men and women (some of them members of the same family, other their intimate friends) and fatal decision of one of the characters. The idea of an extract concludes philosophical question “Lie or not to lie” in relationships, every person can find different answers. The place of the events is laid in a cosy drawing-room.

The given extract we can divide into 3 logical parts: 1st is the beginning of the story, conversation about the play “The Sleeping Dog”; 2nd part shows us a nervous dialog between Olwen and Robert; 3rd is dialog between Freda and Robert and its consequences. The plot structure concludes all constituent parts: the exposition (authors remarks before the firs dialog), the story itself (characters express their opinions about the truth and lie, tense dialog between Freda and Robert), climax (Robert’s suicide), closed denouement (last author’s remarks). In the extract we can distinguish one main character – Robert, other people are minor. There is very important internal Robert’s conflict. He can not find the best answer in his soul, that is he decides not find it at all, he’s so disappointed, nobody understands him, so shoots himself. Emotional atmosphere during the whole text is very tense, emotional, gloomy, and somewhere dreary. Author’s choice of words is very emotional. We can meet with harsh words like bloody glands,...
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