An Unexpected Discovery

Topics: English-language films, American films, Black-and-white films Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: February 2, 2009
The summer vacation finally started. I was on a ship to Alaska. But that night the ship hit an iceberg. The ship was sinking and everyone was hurrying to the emergency exit. The exit was locked. There was no way out, but a broken window caught my attention. I could have jumped out of the window. However I thought the window was not big enough for me to pass through. But I still dove out of the window so as to escape. A big piece of glass was stuck to my arm. I had been floating on the sea for days. Suddenly, my head touched some soft things. It was sand. I was happy at that time, but when I turned around and saw a deserted island, my happiness turned into sadness. I thought there was no deserted island in the world. People just made it up. But it became real. While I was still in distress, a thought cheered me up. There would be no money, everything was mine in this island, and I could do everything I wanted. I carefully extracted the glass out of my arm. Then I picked up a coconut and started drinking. I have been living in the island for 3 months. I used the glass as a knife. I even made a spear to hunt animals for food. I had plenty of food in my little tree house that I built for myself. I was well nourished. I even hunted big animals like bears, moose, and deer for their skin and used them as clothing. My shoes were made out of grass. My tree house was on a tall tree near the beach. Since sometimes I had a hard time climbing up to the tree house, I made a ladder out of big pieces of wood and tied them together with vines. Every day I worked on my raft for many hours. The raft was very sturdy so it could sail for many days. When I was collecting food, I found a few artifacts that were very weird. They were: a lens that was in a golden box, a large piece of crystal that might cost over a million pounds, and a wooden thing that looked like a key but you couldn’t break it. One day, when I was crossing a waterfall as usual to collect food, I fell...
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