An Extended Business Plan for One of the Leading Uk Leading Furniture Company to Established a Factory in Johor, Malaysia.

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TITLE------------------------------------------------------------2 Executive Summary-------------------------------------------3



Reason behind locating our factory in JOHOR ,Malaysaa-5

SWOT Analysis for our new factory-------------------.--------7

Complete PROCESS VIEW ------------------------------------8

PROCESS VIEW Details-- -------------------------------------9

Developing Core competence-----------------------------------10 Developing Core Process-----------------------------------------11

Market Analysis--------------------------------------------------12 Market Segment--------------------------------------------------12 Need s Assessment-----------------------------------------------13 Competitive Priorities--------------------------------------------13 Customer relationship ------------------------------------------14 Supply Relationship----------------------------------------------14 Quality Management--------------------------------------------- 15 Supply chain Issue------------------------------------------------18 Marketing Issue----------------------------------------------------20 Direct Mail-----------------------------------------------------------20 Personal Selling-----------------------------------------------------21 Sales Promotion-----------------------------------------------------21 Storage Warehousing----------------------------------------------23 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------24 Reference--------------------------------------------------------------25


An extended business plan for one of the leading UK leading Furniture Company to established a factory in Johor, Malaysia.

Executive Summary

The new factory will be operated under the umbrella of the old company which is very much engage with meeting the customer demand in the UK market for the furniture. The new factory will use the supply chain in Malaysia to collect the quality woods which are available in the Malaysian market and using the cheap labour of the existing market. The new factory will recruit the staff and the skilled and semi skilled labour from the Malaysian market and trained them for building the quality dining table for the European customer. The company did the extensive market research for the product and find the customer response. Based on the customer response we decide to distribute our furniture in the fifteen European countries from where we will sell our finished dining table. However we will us the four European destinations for reaching the customers in the European market.

The company does not have any financial constraint for implementing the strategy of establishing the factory in Malaysia. It also includes the bank loan available for meet the short term working table requirement. For the quality matters we will meet the quality standard by does the extensive quality check form the source.


This report looks at the operational aspect of our new propose factory in Johor Malaysia. We also look at the constraints associated with the factory associated with the project and try to resolve the issues such as supply chain issues, customer issues, raw material issues and other area of activities from where the company will get the difficulty concerning the operation.

To achieve the goal by satisfying the need for the European customers and also meet the environment requirement for the community.

To be the best and most successful company in the furniture business in the European region.

To be able to generate profit from operation efficiency and service.


Facility location is the...
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