An Ethical Interview

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An Ethical Interview

Business Ethics

My subject for the ethics interview was Angela Williams. I have known Angela throughout my life as a member of my family. She is six years older than I and is experienced in the corporate world which makes her an ideal subject for this interview. Angela graduated from Catholic University in 2005 and has held three separate jobs since then. Other than a Catholic college, she has attended Catholic school throughout her life including a small, all-girls 7-12 high school. Her most recent employment is at a non-profit organization of Massachusetts but her prior employments involved an advertising firm and an insurance agency. All three of these jobs involve marketing/sales which in many cases involve making a product/service attractive to a customer. Angela has shown dedication and devotion to all of her career paths, and from an outside point of view I am able to say that she acts as an ethical professional. Her employment at not only corporations but also non-profits has increased her experience and has given her a better perspective of how people act in each job environment. The ethical issue that Angela and I discussed happened when she first arrived at her current job about three years ago. Her employment at a Boston, Massachusetts based philanthropy, which is also well-known throughout the country, is in the business of helping people and raising money for many deserved causes. Angela has always been very personable and very social in every situation, which contributes greatly to her positive attitude and strong networking skills. Because of these skills she has had the opportunity to meet many people and always attempts to be friendly with everyone she meets. 2.

When Angela first came to work, she already knew several of her co-workers from her outside-of-work life and she was very friendly with many of them. Angela knew one girl in particular, Helen Back, from the high school they both attended and coincidentally Angela was taken to Helen’s younger brother’s prom many years ago. Angela stated during the interview, “I agreed to go to his prom mostly as a favor to one of my other friends”. At their high school the competition between girls was easily recognizable and jealousies among the girls were widespread. Helen, who is a few years older than Angela, had been working at the philanthropy for more than a year before Angela arrived. The beginning of Angela and Helen’s professional relationship was friendly and they worked together closely; however, they were not best friends and Angela chose to be friendlier with a few others in the office. The nature of their work included many parties, functions, and social gatherings to raise money. Even though it was a professional office setting, there were many social situations between co-workers outside of the workplace. One of Angela’s first assignments during her employment was “The Young Leaders Party”. It was a gathering at a local restaurant/bar that was held to thank young professionals in the area who donated money, time, and awareness to the philanthropy’s causes. Many people from the office were involved in arranging this party including Helen and one of Angela’s good office friends Maxine Power. The party was held on a rainy Thursday night after work and employees who were involved in preparing the party were allowed to consume alcohol as long as they kept it professional. Due to the rain, Angela and Maxine went back Angela’s apartment and change into dry clothes before they attended the party. As Angela and Maxine drove to the restaurant they were still preparing their appearances. Angela sprayed perfume on herself and Maxine liked the scent so she asked Angela to spray some on her as well. After Angela parked the car outside of the restaurant, she proceeded to spray perfume on Maxine; however the spray landed mostly in her mouth. Maxine jokingly yelled at Angela for doing so and they were both laughing a great deal as...
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