An Essay About Love Entitled: That Emotion by Yours Truly

Topics: Love, Black-and-white films, The Fourteenth Day Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: January 18, 2013
That Emotion
By Danni Fernandez

You could describe it as crazy. You could call it stupid. Some people adore it but some just simply despise it. It’s celebrated during the fourteenth day of the second month. Some people express it through material things like chocolate, flowers and jewelry. Others show it through physical action, like a hug or kiss. This emotion is strongly felt especially during first dates, honeymoons, and anniversaries or by just those two people spending quality time together. You say those three certain words to that special someone or just someone in particular because you care about him or her. Sometimes it is expressed or said because you like something so much. For example: a song, a dance, a band, a piece of clothing, a book, a movie or merely a celebrity. Millions and millions of songs and books are written about it. This expression is mostly used by “fan girls” to show their uttermost support to that famous boyband or famous person they adore. Usually, you’re loved ones which is your family and friends, often shows this to you. In my opinion, I strongly feel this emotion during Christmas. Since most of us are surrounded by our loved ones on that special day. By now, I think that that emotion has its different forms. You could either be into that emotion or like I said earlier, to care about someone or something. This certain word is very powerful because most of the time people tend to believe it when uttered. That sweet, agonizing, exciting, breathtaking, caring, full of ups and downs emotion/feeling/statement is called Love.
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