An Analysis of Jargon Spoken by Cadre of Hmi Komisariat Oemar Bakrie University of Muhammadiyah Malang

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Sociolinguistic 5C
Achmad Syaiful Badar 08360197

2010 – 2011

1.1 Background of the Study
Language happens in any time and any places in our lives. It is used by people to comucate each other. They create social words and codes that have the meanings adopted by them in speech. In addition, they also emply a code that other people do not understandof them. In most case that code will be something we may want to call a language (Wardhaugh, 1988;1).

The variety of language we can call it a code. The terms of it are crucial because it is quite natural. They show on a dialect, language, style, standard language, and etc express emotions, and variety is natural if compare the definiton of variety on some other, perhaps standard language. Deferent with the natural term and code can be used to any kind of sytem that two or more people communicate each other. It can actually be used for a system used by a singgle person, as when someone devises a private code to protect certain secrets (Wardhaugh, 1988; 86).

Based on linguistics theory that social dimension causes language varieties. We found the language varieties not only as a sign of differenting its speechcommunity but also as an indication of language situation and reflect purpose, topics, norms, and modes of language. Many people also created and spoke the language varieties bercause more interesting ang uniqe. One of those is Jargon.

Jargon is confusing speech to who do not know and resulting particurarly from mingling of several language on dialect. The term is also strange language that sounds uncouth to us; in this sense, outlandish speech. Somewhat jargon means nonsense or gibberish. Jargon also signifies the special language of a group or profession, as legal jargon, pedagogy, and thieves (Holman et al, 1986).

Based on the background above, the writer is interested in discussing The jargon in HMI Oemar Bakrie UMM. The writer selects Jargon used in HMI because the all members are Islamic student and they are from cities or provinces in Indonesia. HMI is the oldest organization of university student in Indonesia. In University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Faculty of teacher training and education has HMI komisariat Oemar Bakrie.

The jargon used are changed from Indonesian, Madures, Javanese, Kalimantanese, Sumatranese, etc into new vocabulary, which they have decided into their own concept. This language is spoked by cadre of HMI Oemar Bakrie UMM. Another reson is the uniqe of the language itself. The language is only known by certain people in HMI UMM. The cadres usually use Jargon in certain situation such as in a meeting, daily conversation, forum discussion. The writer tries to expose the appearance of jargon in this organization and also wants to know language which they use in order to increase his vocabulary.

The writer sure that there is no single language that can be used by many organization in their daily in communicating each other. The writer would like to observe the certain language used by HMI Oemar Bakrie UMM and use it as a research.

1.2 Research Problem
1. What are the jargon spoken by HMI komisariat Oemar Bakrie in their daily conversation and forum discussion? 2. What are the meaning of those jargons?

1.3 Research Objectives
1. To know the jargons spoken HMI komisariat Oemar Bakrie in their daily conversation and forum discussion. 2. To know meaning of those jargons.

4. Scope and Limitation
The result of this research has both theoretical and practical values. Theoretically, this study is important for non- HMI komisariat Oemar Bakrie, especially the student of University of Muhammadiyah Malang, to know more...
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