Amphetamine Case Study

Topics: Amphetamine, Emergency medical services, Emergency medical technician Pages: 7 (2286 words) Published: October 29, 2011
This case study will discuss Amphetamine use and misuse in the community setting, the impact of the substance use and misuse on contemporary paramedic practice and provide a guideline for the patients using this substance and the community in dealing with this issue.|

Case Analysis4
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There is lot of expanded scope roles in the field of medical, nursing and paramedical which is emerging globally. This has given the health workforce many opportunities and allowed them to work in different environments (Bls, 2009). These expanded scope roles gives a chance to the practitioners to apply skills which they were never trained on. Even for paramedics who have advanced emergency care skills need to put in a great deal of effort when it comes to working in rural areas and small town areas where there are no proper medical clinics). The reason being the size of the town, difficulty in employing and retaining health professionals, less health issue cases to attend to which can lead to risk of de-skilling due to which they rely on volunteers or sole paramedics in emergency services.

There is involvement of town’s community with other health organizations to carry out the paramedics services efficiently. Few of the activities done as rural or small town expanded scope of practice are getting the community involved, emergency response, extending scope of practice and primary health care. The paramedics play a vital role in providing medical attention to the emergency cases. They follow a set of rules and guidelines and provide emergency care and transport the patient to a medical facility or treat them on the spot if they have enough resources. The paramedic service is the extended care and also works to ease the burden of the emergency departments from low priority patients who could be attended and treated safely at home (Bledsoe et al., 2010). Patients have an access to a tailored care and if required it can bring in other health professionals who are appropriate to serve their needs.

This essay discusses about a small town whose medical services mainly depend on the only paramedic in town. This essay discusses a case of the male patient who had behavioral changes due to misuse of drugs and how the paramedics would function to provide the necessary treatment.

Amphetamine is the drug considered for the case study; the affects of the drug on the patient is analyzed and necessary treatment provided by the paramedics. The amphetamine was first synthesized in 1887 by Lazar Edeleanu, a Romanian chemist. This new compound was found to cure asthma (Rasmussen, 2009). Since then there has been lot of research done on it and finally in 1932 the corporate pharmaceutical company Smith, Kline & French recognized that it can be used to relieve variety of ailments. Amphetamines activates parts of nervous systems, the effects similar to adrenalin are produced at the synaptic sites of brain which causes heart and body systems to work at a faster rate (Drugtext, 2010). In addition, amphetamines have peripheral sympathomimetic actions, producing a rise in blood pressure and inhibition of gastrointestinal motility (Rang & Dale, 2007). These actions can lead to depression due to stimulation of those respective systems in the body.

Amphetamines get assimilated in blood stream very fast which gives a rush of feelings. The mood is elevated as body releases the reserved stored energy from the body (Egetgoing, 2011). The person who takes the drug exhibits if taken in milder dosage, symptoms such as hyperactivity, increased sensitivity to light and sounds, mood swings, irritability, sudden showing of anger or short temperedness, timidity etc. This drug makes a person physically and mentally charged up to begin with. However, once all the energy in the body reduces it leads to side effects such as...
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