Amniocentesis Essay

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  • Published : September 28, 2012
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Amniocentesis essay

Amniocentesis referred as amniotic fluid test (AFT), is a medical processes used for pregnancy moreover in the early it used for diagnosis chromosomal and other fetal problems such as; Down syndrome, Trisomy 13/18, Fragile X, Rare-inherited metabolic disorders, Neural tube defects by alpha-fetoprotein levels. This technique is used full but more ever there are lots of risk however later on this technique get developing, it also can uses to detect problems such as; Infection, Rh incompatibility, Prediction of lung maturity and Decompression of polyhydramnios. The Rh incompatibility have two kinds; positive and negative. If the mother is Rh positive and the baby is opposite, there may affect to life.

Amniocentesis is usually uses to high age pregnancy (older than 35). The obstetrician will use the ultrasound transducer to avoid the position that placenta hold, afterward syringe will be place in to drain amniotic fluid. When ultrasound guidance is used, injuries to the baby from the amniocentesis needle are very rare. You may want to make sure that an experienced registered diagnostic medical sonographer (diagnostic medical professional) provides continuous ultrasound guidance during the procedure. If the result comes out in negative way, the choice to keep or not, pregnancy can make the decision.

Usually people do the test during the 18th week of pregnancy. Serious complications can result in miscarried and other possible complications include preterm labor and delivery, respiratory distress, postural deformities, fetal trauma and alloimmunisation. In contrast, the risk of miscarriage from chorionic villus sampling (CVS) believed to be approximately one in hundred more ever however CVS may be done up to four weeks earlier, and may preferable the possible genetic defects is thought to be higher. Also amniotic fluid embolism has been described as a possible risk that could happen. The term “early amniocentesis” is sometimes used to...
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