Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Is Not in the Best Interest of the Tax Payer

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  • Published : September 28, 2008
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Each year hundreds of thousands of immigrants cross the borders illegally. Now, who can blame them for wishing to come to the United States, wanting to provide a better life for their families and having the ability to earn a better income? Do not blame them for their desires; however their actions should be questioned. For someone who wants the American Dream, crossing the border illegally is not the path to make that happen. The U.S. Government has had various bills they have been attempting to pass that would grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants in the country, and their families still on the other side of the fence. Nevertheless, the costs involved in the amnesty of these illegal immigrants would be passed along to taxpayers. Although amnesty for illegal immigrants whom are already in the U.S. is proposed, amnesty should not be granted because it rewards those breaking the law, and it is bad for the economy. Amnesty is proposed but is not the answer to illegal immigration. This bill is proposed, but goes against everything that defines being an American Citizen. Many people have migrated from other countries. These people went through the proper protocol, and eventually became citizens the legal way. Their commitment and determination to provide a better life for their families is applauded. There have been numerous bills that our government has attempted to pass that have included the amnesty bill. This has not yet passed, and hopefully it will not as the government continues their attempts. Amnesty has been attached to many other bills like a Christmas tree ornament, almost as if the government was attempting to sneak it by the U.S. Citizens. “The measure, called the Emergency Agriculture Relief Act, was added to the War Supplemental bill in a 17-12 vote last Thursday.” (Anderson, 2008). Rewarding those that break the law personifies what amnesty is all about. Becoming a U.S. Citizen is a reachable goal through proper channels. This should...
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