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Proposal for Performance Review Training Proposal for Performance Review Training Many Companies Today Use Performance Review Programs That Are Ineffective. There Are Several Reasons for the Ineffectiveness.

What is the official full name of your company? AMLA shpk (ltd)

In which year you company was founded 1997

What is legal structure of your company   shpk

How many employees do you currently have? 30 (2000 sesional)

2. Market leadership
We consider your company as a “hidden champion” when one of your products or product categories has a dominant market position in Central and Eastern Europe, Europe, or the world. The later group (world) also includes the number two or three position. Please define the market which refers to the title.

This market is (feel free to use your own definition of market):

AMLA is leader of the market in chestnuts exports, due to the biggest Tropoja chestnut forests in Balkans

What are the reasons for market leadership?
We have the largest turnover in this market

3. Growth indicators:
What is the total turnover of your company in millions of EUR? Approximately: 0.5 milion EUR.
What was the total turnover of your business in mio EUR 10 years ago? Approximately: 0.2 mio EUR.

4. Market, on which you compete
Estimate your market share and the share of your biggest competitor?

| |Market share of your company |Market share of the strongest | | |(%) |competitor | |Central and Eastern Europe | | | |Western Europe |60 |30 | |North America | | | |BRIC countries...
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