Amir and Baba's Relationship in the Kite Runner

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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According to the dictionary the definition of ideal is "the perfect type, what one would wish to be." Everyone strives to be the best person they can be, and sometimes they achieve that, while other people fall short. A parent can be a prime example of someone who is an ideal person. A father is a male parent, whereas a successful father is someone who attributes acceptance, unconditional love, and creates a special bond with their child.

In the Kite Runner, Baba is the father to the protagonist Amir. At the beginning of the novel, Baba tries to forces sports and "man like activities" onto his son. Little does he realize that his son is interested in poetry, writing and does not like violent activities. "Mostly, I will never forget Baba's valiant efforts to conceal the disgusted look on his face as he drove in silence." Becoming a successful father is a process, not a chore or a task. While also, accepting someone is not a chore. Everybody has their own faults and flaws, but acceptance means that you do not try to change those flaws. "Children aren't coloring books, you don't get to fill them in with your favorite colors." As a successful father you accept all the good, bad and ugly in your child. Having acceptance for your child also leads into having unconditional love.

As the progression throughout the novel you explore more of Amir and Baba's relationship. Baba seems to actual be human opposed to just an old man with strict enforcements. And although misguided at points, Baba does love Amir. "The problem, of course, was that Baba saw the world in black and white. And he got to decide what was black and what was white." Love is not a black and white scale, there is greys and room for interpretation. Having an unconditional love is not a love that does not know pain, it is a love that diminishes that pain, and regret. Baba gives up his life savings for Amir and Soyara's wedding, which is something a successful father would do. Unconditional love is a...
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