Americas Baby Boomers Golden Years Where Will They Go

Topics: Nursing home, Medicine, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Pages: 3 (1164 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Soledad Blanco
ENC 1101
Professor Stephanie Pi
1 April 2013
Americas Baby Boomers Golden Years: Where Will They Go
As America's baby boomers moves closer into their golden years, more and more working families find themselves facing difficult, stressful and financial health care issues with regards to their parents. At some point everyone will be faced with many important health decisions such as choosing the right physician, or the right hospital for their love one. In today’s economy, most families leave the home for work every morning and returning later that evening. It is very difficult, if not almost impossible to care for their love ones who stay alone at home for so many hours. With this in mind, more and more families are finding themselves face to face with the most difficult decision of all and lots of questions, should they place their love ones in skilled nursing home or in an adult living facility and if so, what is the best option. Both, skilled nursing home (also known as SNF) and adult living facilities (also known as ALF) have many benefits to offer their residents such as service, independence and cost. In the early nineteenth century, women's group and church organizations commence to establish special homes for the elderly persons in their community.   These groups would give help and medical attention to those that were old, fragile, and ill. They were either bed ridden because of illness. They also provided help to those that may not be as ill, nor bed ridden but still require a greater amount then usual of attention and medical care. Nursing homes came about during a shortage of doctors and nurses available to care for the old and ill. Providing all their skills, combined between doctors and nurses, in one location gave them the opportunity to taking care of many ill elders and fragile at the same time. Nursing homes provide 24 hour medical attention to their residents. For the most part all nursing home are somewhat of a hospital...
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