American Literature-Young Goodman Brown

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American Literature
Young Goodman Brown: The fall of man

“Young Goodman Brown” is the short story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hawthorne is best known today for his short stories and romances written between 1850 and 1860. Hawthorne’s works belong to romanticism and discuss guilt, sin, good, and evil. The themes of his works often focus on the inherent humanity and bring out some moral lessons which Puritan New England inspired much. One of his most famous works is The Scarlet Letter which is an immediate success that allows Hawthorne to devote himself completely to his writing. In 1835, Hawthorne published “Young Goodman Brown” presenting his favorite themes, including the loss of faith to God, temptation from the evil and social ills of Puritan communities. These features make “Young Goodman Brown” one of the Nathaniel Hawthorne’s most popular short stories. Therefore, the paper is going to present several aspects in “Young Goodman Brown”. The Forest which Goodman Brown walked though can show the symbolic meaning of his journey. The protagonist was struggling between good and evil. Moreover, it will finally focus on Faith, the wife of Goodman Brown, presenting how the protagonist’s inner spirit. Some excerpts will be taken from the story as the instances.

“Young Goodman Brown” the story starts from Goodman Brown, the protagonist of the short story, says goodbye to his wife, Faith. Faith wearing pink ribbons feels scared that her husband may leave away from her after one night, so she asks Goodman Brown to stay. Goodman Brown comforts his wife that he has to go for only one night and tells her to say her prayers. He says to himself that he will be a better man after tonight and always has faith to God. Goodman Brown starts his journey through a gloomy forest. He meets the man dressing in regular clothing and carrying a walking staff which carves a lifelike serpent. The man gives the staff to Goodman Brown and tells him that it will help him walk...
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