American History -Indians.

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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It is said to be, that people arrived in multiple different groups or tribes to America at least 15,000 years ago. The first Americans came from Asia and followed herds of grazing animals across a land bridge during the Ice Age. The people journeyed on foot slowly into North America. They battled many hardships, including harsh weather conditions and starvation. They were excellent hunters and gatherers. They hunted and fished. They ate moose, caribou, deer, bear and small animals like rabbits, squirrels and fish. They wore clothing made of skins from animals they ate and used bone, sinew and other animal parts. Their homes were made of mud and bark. Some attributes that they valued were bravery, endurance of pain and suffering with patience and silence, controlled emotions, honesty and strength, self respect and self worth, respect for others, individual freedom (which means to do anything one wants as long as it is in harmony with nature), respect for nature, spirituality, veneration of age, and generosity (especially in helping others who are less fortunate). These are just a small handful. Native Americans were very spiritual and beautiful people. They accepted death as a fact of natural life and to not be approached with fear. The soul is believed to be immortal, in the sense of experiencing a “changing of worlds”, they felt. Many American Indians practiced the quest of a vision. The intention of seeking attune their lives’ was to be in harmony with the universe and that the universe with them. Indians lived in a really remarkably harmonious relationship with nature. Indians believe that everything is sacred from the largest mountain to the smallest plant and animal. It’s easily said, to sum up the native spirituality, it is about honor, love and respect. Not only do they love, honor and respect the creator and mother earth, but also every living thing. Native Americans like being in touch with their selves’ and everything around them. They understand that...
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