American Dream Is the Ability to Have a Personal Freedom

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During the last decade a very big number of immigrants had crossed the border of the United States of America to pursue the most valuable thing in life, the dream, which every American person thinks about – the American dream. Many of those immigrants sacrificed their jobs, their relationships and connections, their educational levels, and their languages at their homelands to start their new life in America and succeed in reaching their dream. So what is this dream all about? One would probably describe it as being rich and famous, some would imply to have a lot of power; however, the personal definition of an American dream is the ability to have a personal freedom, being able to get the highest level of education, being successful in finding an appropriate job, to have a healthy and happy family, eventually to have an affordable place of living and reliable personal transportation. All these factors make up the American dream and exist as a goal for every person who is trying to reach it.

The constitution of this country suggests that every person who lives on American soil is free. First of all it means the freedom of choice. Every person is able to make his own decisions in order to reach some goals which are valuable in order In addition to the time matter it is also important to choose the profession by the level of its popularity. As an example, couple of years ago a big number of people were studying for the electrical and computer engineering. Many schools started teaching classes such as programming and internet language development more widely. Students were only interested in big money and they knew that their resume would be submitted in almost every software company. There was an enormous need in programmers, computer technicians, software engineers and so on. However, in about two years the economy of the country started falling down, many companies started firing people, some of the companies filed the bankruptcy. Many people who wanted a big...
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