American Dream (Formal)

Topics: Unemployment, United States, Late-2000s recession Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: May 19, 2013
America’s False Dream
Our Country, founded upon an idea known as the American Dream, founders knew that this concept would always be survive and never lose value. Basically the definition states that all Americans have rights to freedom, equality, providing for a family and becoming as successful as imaginable. Throughout the years the dream became distorted. In fact the concept went through a transformation into a concept of earning wealth, fame, and powerful. The Perception of the American Dream is altered by discrimination, war, awful economy and the misconception that everyone can be rich.

In the 1960’s the prevalence of The American Dream simply discontinued to exist. An American Dream is supposed to be based on freedom, family, and prosperity. The peak of the Civil Rights Movement, occurred in the 1960’s. African Americans did not receive nearly the same rights as White Citizens . Discrimination against blacks left them unable to achieve their American Dream of simply having equality and providing a safe home for their family. For Americans an overwhelming sense of racism and unfairness existed. Lack of equality for everyone prevented the American Dream and Reality from having a similarity.

During The 1970’s The American Dream almost ceased to exist. Many citizens didn’t even believe such a thing ever occured. Due to the recession, the prices goods and the standard of living rose detrimentally. Achieving success became more and more difficult. A sense of governmental disappointment echoed throughout the nation. The government not being able to get America out of the recession angered Americans. They


lost their trust in the United States and felt like failures. And so reality of America did not reflect what should have been.
The American Dream took on a false meaning during the 2000’s. Many people’s interpretation proved to be false. Television and movies could have played a roll in this, showing financially secure and rich...
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