American Chinese Cuisine and Favorite Food

Topics: American Chinese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Cooking Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: November 30, 2010
June 08, 2010
Experiencing Chow-Mein
If I were to ask a group of people “What is your favorite food?” most of them would say countless varieties of food, starting with the delicious French pushing it to Chinese and Indian Cuisine. But whatever it is, whenever it comes to my favorite food, I would say Chow-Mein, which hit the top of my most favorite food. Chow-Mein is a Chinese term for a dish of stir-fried noodles, which eventually carries many varieties: chicken Chow-Mein, beef Chow-Mein or even pork Chow-Mein and of course for vegetable lovers, there’s vegetable Chow-Mein. There are two types of Chow-Mein that are available: 1. Steam Chow-Mein and 2. Crispy Chow-Mein and both can be mixed with either chicken, beef, pork or vegetable. And my favorite is the crispy Chow-Mein, as how it’s made with fried chicken, mixed with celery or onion and topped with soy sauce and sugar and other delicious colorful ingredients. Chow-Mein has bought many cultures and tradition together with its fancy and scrumptious juicy taste. I can still remember how Chow-Mein became my favorite food. Every bit of this wonderful dish draws me back to my childhood when I first experienced this satisfying dish with my parents in a Chinese restaurant in Anaheim called Grand China when I was only 6 years old. It was a nice hot summer when my parents decided to a fancy Chinese restaurant, which recently open near our house and since I was 6, I didn’t know much about Chinese food and how there are so many varieties of Chinese food there are. At first I was nervous because of how the place looked, not that it was scary but how the place looked alive by how it was decorated with its brilliant pattern with colors radiating mostly all color of the spectrum. Then we were taken to our table and were given a complimentary drink, which was tasteless and odorless but refreshing. There we many people there and were ordering many varieties of foods, that I have never seen before. Then my...
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