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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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The American Cancer Society is a volunteer-based organization that is present across the United States. Its main purpose is to raise money and awareness about the severity and prevalence of cancer. Cancer education and research is where most of the focus and monetary donations are used for. The American Cancer Society strives to fulfill their goal of “less cancer and more birthdays” across all generations and populations (ACS Inc., 2011).  The American Cancer Society began its fight in 1913, starting as the American Society for the Control of Cancer (ASCC), which included fifteen members in New York City (ACS Inc, 2011). Cancer was never a high-priority disease and was often pushed to the side due to the fact that there was no treatment, harsh conditions, and low diagnosis. In 1945, after WWII, the ASCC was reorganized and renamed as the American Cancer Society (ACS) (ACS Inc, 2011). At this point, America was able to recognize problems on the home-front, which major public health issues were obvious.  In 1946, a woman by the name of Mary Lasker, a member of the original ASCC, helped raise more than $4 million for the Society, where one million of it was used to establish and fund infamous cancer research (ACS Inc, 2011). Soon after, Dr. Sidney Farber, one of the Society’s first research grantees, achieved the first temporary cancer remission in a child with acute leukemia using the drug Aminopterin (ACS Inc, 2011). The ACS has been developing research theories for decades, with approximately $3.5 billion dedicated to finding a cure to cancer through research (ACS, 2011). With the ACS name nationally recognized, they were able to help fund many national, government, and hospital prevention strategies and research.  Currently, the ACS is a nationally-known and respected organization. Most people hear of community level fundraisers for the Society, raising around one billion dollars each year. That money is used to promote education and prevention, continue...
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