American Beauty Analysis

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Reflection Paper
American Beauty
American beauty is a quirky film about a middle aged mans rebellion, and the live of the people surrounding him. The opening scene shoots over what appears to be the perfect suburbia. Perfect little white houses, friendly neighbors, the whole nine yards. The question is “Is suburbia perfect. is After watching this film, I felt the best way to go about a reflection paper was to do more of a character analysis.

In the beginning of the film, we are introduced to the Burnhams. They are what appears to be the typical American family, or not so typical. The Mother, Carolyn desperately wants the “Perfect family.” Everything in her life that she can control is in perfect order. What people don’t really see behind closed doors is a repressed woman. This explains why she sleeps with King, a fellow real estate agent who appears to be as perfect as it can get. The father, Lester appears to be uninvolved, and unenthusiastic. He just appears to be living. He even say it at the beginning of the film. A perfect scene to sum up Lesters life thus far is when him and his wife attends a social gathering. His wife attempts to strike up a conversation between King , and When Lester introduces himself it appears as if King had forgotten who he was. This is how Lester views himself, someone who is easily forgotten. Even his family think he is just passing through life, a loser so to speak. It’s not until he meets his daughters’ friend that he decides to do something about his boring life. The Final member to the family is Jane. She appears to be going through the typical teenage angst. I felt as though she was a misfit, attempting to fit in. How often do you see a gothic, grunge type of girl on the cheerleading squad? Although she describes her parents as “losers,” she is still attempting to fit into an American standard so they can be proud. It’s not until she meets her new neighbor that she really becomes herself.

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