America vs China

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Elements of national power
A common approach to power particularly associated with the ranking of states within a hierarchy, has been to identify the capacities that states or other actors use to exert influence. In this view, the key elements of national power include military strength, economic development, population, and geography. Military strength refers to the way that one nation has the ability to protect it own territory and people from external aggression and to pursue its interests abroad through conquest and expansion. For example, the United States military is one of the strongest and most effective militaries on the planet. This is partially because America pours a lot of money into its armed forces, partially it's because this large budget allows American soldiers to stay on the bleeding edge of technological advancement. It is the most technologically advanced military and overall it has the most powerful army, naval (including Marine Corps) and air force units in the world. It has about 1.3 million active military personnel ranking second in the world and with a military reserve of 1.4 million. It also has 450,000 paramilitary units. In total, it has 2.4 million troops. It ranks first in military spending in the world with $583 billion going into its military. The United States' Navy is the largest in the world and the United States' Air Force (or USAF) also happens to be the largest in the world. It is estimated that it has around 18,269 aircraft. The United States also has the second largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world with 4075 active nuclear warheads and 5535 total warheads. It is truly the most powerful military in the world. Moreover, the US now has expanded its military to Australia. For example, Mr. Obama said the United States is now moving from the war on terrorism to economic and security issues in East Asia and the Pacific. Under the new agreement, the United States will deploy up to two thousand five hundred Marines to...
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