America Chapter 7 Guide

Topics: British Empire, American Revolution, Thirteen Colonies Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: January 10, 2013
America chapter 7 guide

Chapter Objectives – As you read the chapter, you should be able to… 1. Explain the deeply rooted historical factors that moved America toward independence from Britain. 2. Describe the theory & practice of mercantilism & explain why Americans resented it. 3. Describe the goals of the King, Prime Minister, & Parliament. 4. Explain why Great Britain attempted tighter control & taxation of Americans after 1763. 5. Describe the methods of colonial resistance that forced repeal of all taxes except the tax on tea. 6. Explain how sustained agitation & resistance to taxes led to the Intolerable Acts & the outbreak of war. 7. Evaluate the effectiveness of early colonial attempts to unify themselves against Britain. 8. Assess the balance of forces between the British & the American rebels as the two sides prepared for war.

Chapter Themes – Create a “fact sheet” (a list of about 5-10 pieces of SFI) for each a. The British Empire attempted to more strictly enforce laws aimed at maintaining a system of mercantilism while colonists objected. b. The American Revolution occurred due to the constant spiral of action & reaction between the British government & the seditious colonists. c. The conflict gradually moved from an ideological & political debate to open violence & warfare.

Chapter Review Questions – Answer using complete sentences. Be sure to look for various aspects of the question/answer & provide as much information as possible. 1. What factors triggered the deterioration in relations between Great Britain & its American colonies? 2. Does Adam Smith support mercantilism? Why or why not? 3. What were the goals of British imperial reformers?

4. Explain the intellectual, political, & economic rationales colonists offered for their dissatisfaction with British rule between 1763 & 1775? 5. List the similarities & drastic differences between the two Boston Massacre prints...
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