America Burning: Review

Topics: Fire, Education, Prevention Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: April 26, 2008
While all three of the documents listed numerous similarities between them, they also went into depth about some issues that the others did not. Among the similarities noted all three of the documents mentioned fire prevention & education, training, and being accountable. These documents listed the ways that we can educated the public, both young and old on how to prevent fires, in and around the home, school, and office. They stressed the need for fire drills, educational seminars, and site safety programs. At some point all of the documents addressed the need for sprinkles in buildings, both large and small, or wherever you will have a congregation of people. Since these documents have been made public, many communities across the United States have taken a stand and created public safety campaigns, school safety programs, and other means to educate the public on how to prevent fires. The National Fire Protection Association has even established the second week in October of every year as Fire Prevention Week. During this week fire prevention is stressed in almost every community across the US for both the young and old.

The documents also listed the need for training for everyone, from firefighters and school teachers to administrators and family members. Your fire knowledge can only be as good as the training or education that you have received. Firefighters are Americas first line of defense to almost all hazards/ emergencies, yet they lack training across the board. As with anything else, training can cost money, which most rural departments cant afford. There are grants, seminars, and others means for obtaining training or money for training.

Accountability. I think that you can create all of the documents in the world, do all of the studies that you want, conduct all of the surveys and compile statistics that you want, but what good are they if there is nothing done about them. Yea sure it takes money to solve most of our...
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