America's War on Sex

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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Michael LeClair
CHF 351
America’s War on Sex

What I’ve Learned:
As a consequence of reading “America’s War on Sex”, by Marty Klien, I have learned that there has been a war on sex going on in America for years, which I never realized. The war between the “Erotophobe”- who completely discourage premarital sexuality - and the “Eropiles” -who appreciate and tolerate the ways of sexuality - has brought to my attention many different point of views, with which some I can and others that I cannot agree. Each holds views I agree and disagree with. I learned that the Erotophobe’s believe that preteen girls should not be allowed to get the human papillomavirus vaccine, even though it has been proven to prevent cervical cancer. The reason for their objection is a belief that the inoculation would make the whole idea of sex a less scary thought. I think that this is an extreme position that risks the health of women for the sake of a viewpoint on sexual activity. I have learned that those who support the “Erotophobe” viewpoint have developed ties into school boards, zoning commissions, city councils, state legislatures, military leaders, the U.S. Congress, and a series of American president’s. I learned that the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") had attempted to censor one of my favorite movies “Saving Private Ryan”, which is dedicated to American Soldiers who fought and died for our country. Congress is also attacking premium cable cannels like HBO and Showtime, trying to influence what they can and cannot show, even though you have to pay to get them. It is not simple enough just not to make the easy decision of not purchasing the premium cable channel you have to make it unavailable for the of us too. However they have not stopped there. They also are currently attacking sitcoms, dramas, movies, talk shows, and more. This is not what America, the land of the free, is supposed to be like and they are changing it to exactly what they...
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