Amer Hero Essay

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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American Hero Essay

Dogs have been man’s best friend for a longtime. They have been helping man from biblical times to the present. They’ve been fitted with armor to defend royal caravans in the Middle Ages or they’ve been messengers during the Seven Year War by Fredrick the Great. Some were evenin Egypt at the gates of Alexandria where Napoleon posted them to warn his men in case of danger. If you look at pictures in history books, magazines, or articles they are filled with pictures of soldiers with their dogs with them, man loves his dog and the dog loves to serve and protect. A hero is someone who is not selfish. They don’t do something for outward appearances they have peoples best interest at heart. They do whatever it takes to get what needs to get done even if it causes hardship for them; they always put other people first. They truly are humble and it is not a show you can tell when some people do things for their glory. My hero or I should say heroes are the K9’s of Law Enforcement, they are strong, dependable, and faithful and to me that's what heroism means: someone has to really give a lot of them self unselfishly, and I think that the dogs of the K-9 Unit do perfectly. I think that the K-9’s show dependable, strong, and faithful. The dogs of the K-9 Unit are dependable, they are picked and matched to a handler and when I say handler what I really mean is a partner because that is what a handler becomes once they go through basic training together. For the K-9's to go all the way back to biblical times I guess you could say they are an “'Elite Force!” The jobs of K-9's have done with the Wildlife Conservation Officers is considered one of the most dangerous, they are protecting their handler/partner, fellow officers, and they have to remain calm to sniff out possible fires, decomposed bodies, gun casings, numerous crimanal things going on around them. That is one of the reasons the German...
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