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  • Published: February 3, 2013
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On September 11, 2012, American Ambassador Christopher Stevens was attacked in Benghazi, Libya (BBC, pars. 1). Along with Stevens, three other Americans were killed, and the American Consulate was set on fire (BBC, pars. 1). The ambassador was still breathing when Libyans found him inside a room in the American embassy (BBC, pars. 1). They pulled him out and drove him to the Benghazi Medical Center where a doctor announced his death (BBC, pars. 1-2). A Libyan doctor believes that Stevens died of severe asphyxia caused by harmful fumes from the fire (BBC, pars. 2-3). Four days after he died, CNN found Stevens’ personal journal and displayed the contents of his journal on the news (Fox News, pars. 1). The Huffington Post explained CNN’s use of Christopher Stevens’ journal “disgusting” (Fox News, pars. 3). Also, Glenn Beck, a network producer, has a theory of what the actual truth of the attack may be (Beck, pars. 2). Lastly, President Obama chose to appear on television in front of millions of viewers instead of discussing the recent events in Libya with other foreign leader (CBS, pars. 9-11).

Four days after the eleventh anniversary of September 11th, CNN found Chris Stevens’ journal on the floor of the unsecured consulate compound (Fox News, pars. 1). When the Huffington Post received news that CNN found the journal, they contacted the news station immediately (Fox News, pars. 1). On their website, CNN stated that they informed the ambassador’s family hours after the journal was discovered (Fox News, pars 3-4). The State Department has a different view on what actually happened (Fox News, pars. 4). They claimed that CNN did not inform the family, and that the network reported the contents of the journal before handing it back to his family (Fox News, pars. 5). A family member directly told the news station that they wanted the journal and would not make any decisions until then (Fox News, pars. 5). When the news station finally informed Stevens’ family, they ignored the family’s wishes, and broke the pledge two hours after they witnessed the ambassador’s remains (Fox News, pars. 5). State Department’s spokesman Philippe Reines is disgusted because CNN removed the journal of a man killed while serving our country (Fox News, pars. 1). Reines said, “Four days was as long as CNN could control themselves, so they just went ahead and used it” (Fox News, pars. 6). The news network arrogantly read his journal, transcribed it, and allowed others to read it as well, all without authorization from Stevens’ family (Fox News, pars. 6). A few days before the attack at the consulate, Libyan protesters in Cairo attacked a United States diplomatic compound, tore down American flags, and replaced them with black Islamic banners (Ramdani, pars. 1). They were enraged and in protest over an American made video that was posted on the internet which depicted the prophet Muhammad in an offensive way (Ramdani, pars. 1). On an episode of “Glenn Beck”, Glenn believes that Stevens was not killed as a result of a riot caused by a YouTube video parodying Muhammad (Beck, pars. 1). Instead, he believes that Stevens was killed in a targeted attack and that the protests were just used as distractions (Beck, pars. 1). During the episode, Glenn explained his theory of the attacks (Beck, pars. 2-4). His theory was that two CIA agents were responsible for the attacks on Chris Stevens (Beck, pars. 2-4). The two CIA agents were on a mission to collect dangerous weapons supplied by our country to Libyan rebels last year. Glenn believes that Chris Stevens was the CIA operative who dealt the weapons (Beck, pars. 4). The ambassador was the one who negotiated with Libyan rebels who needed weapons to fight against Gaddafi (Beck, pars. 4). The United States government wanted to find the weapons so that no one could find out that they were the ones who supplied them to terrorists (Beck, pars. 4-5). On September 25, 2012, Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly...
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