Topics: Love, 2009 albums, English-language films Pages: 2 (957 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Full name: Bui Thanh Thuy- Rimi.
Class: 12.
Subject: Contemporary World Literature/ Mrs. Alison.
First love maybe is not the last one but to be in love is a pleasure. He and I were two poles of the magnet: one positive and one negative. Things could never be settled down. From “Anh” I realized that first love was sweet and unforgettable even though it would never last long. The childish dream, was to be together, just never came true. My first love was the best but only memories left, the familiar taste about “Anh” to me. In my own world, illusion about love always obsesses me. The thoughts that love will never end until my last breath, lovers can stay next to each other fill me up in my unreal world. After “Anh” has gone I see that lovers are not necessary have to be side by side, love is to see your partner’s happiness. “Anh” taught me happiness is not the thing you can see through right in front of your eyes; you see it by heart. It is also because of him, and his love that inspired me to move on. Now. I have someone for my own, someone but not “Anh”. It is not too proud to say “Anh” and I had a beautiful love story but not a happy ending. My love story was not a record of how long we have gone but rather how I felt, how those ordinary moments catch me deeply inside. When I write this memoir somebody will ask why don’t I call him by his name; I will answer them in bottom of my heart, I save a special place for only “Anh” not as a lover anymore but as someone that I loved, someone let me experienced the sweet the bitter flavor of love and be loved. The name reminds me, he is not normal person in the thousand one who pass me on the street everyday. At least he knows, I know. As the opening of any love story romance is an important ingredient. “Anh” came to me softly as wind arrived then departed, when I woke up, I was no longer be a love day- dreamer. It was the end of 8th grade summer. Our class was on the final rehearsal for the opening...
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