Alzheimer's Disease

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Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive neurological disease; it often attacks the brain tissues causing memory loss of one’s identity and regular behaviors. Statistics indicates that the rate of predicted people to get Alzheimer’s will increase briskly as time goes on. There are currently no cures for such disastrous disease, but there are currently approved treatments available that can help people within the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Once the disease is too far along, deteriorated brain cells are nearly impossible to revived or regenerate without stem cells, which have not been successfully ascertain. Research and medical trials are being conducted all over the world hoping to find the starting cause of it in order to prevent it and maybe one day cure it. So far, it is discovered that amyloids may be one of many factors that generates the disease. Hence, those with the terminal Alzheimer’s disease gene should receive accessible treatments before symptoms are present to lessen anxiety among loved ones, prolong life span expectancy, and to help further studies for a cure.

There are now different ways to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. Improved methods have progress over the years as professional try to identify the disease more thoroughly. Detection of the Alzheimer’s gene can help one prepare to cope with living with what’s ahead of them, or on the other hand can attempt to take preventative actions. According to Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context on Alzheimer’s disease:

It also gives family members time to educate themselves about the disease and make plans for future needs of the patient. These may include making arrangement for nursing home care when appropriate, or for organizing family networks to assist with homecare when that is feasible. (Gale, Paragraph 15) Carriers’ of the Alzheimer’s gene have a possibility of being affected with the disease. Treating the case early before symptoms occur can relieve one’s relatives...
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