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Graduate Alumni Survey
2005–2008 Degree Recipients


Office of Assessment
Caroline Noyes, Assistant Director  
June 2011 

Executive Summary
The Georgia Tech (GT) survey of alumni who received graduate-level degrees from 2005–2008 was undertaken to identify alumni satisfaction with preparation for employment and experiences at Georgia Tech. A thorough survey process yielded a 25.9 percent response rate. Because of the high quality assurance steps taken and the results received, this report is grounded in the assumption that the results obtained are both accurate and broadly representative of the population of Georgia Tech graduate-degree recipients for those years surveyed. Complete survey results, including data specific to academic programs, are available through the Office of Assessment’s Assessment Data Online Retrieval System (ADORS): < >.  The following are some of the major findings: The majority of alumni (80.0 percent) would recommend their graduate-degree program to friends or relatives. The majority of alumni (89.7 percent) were generally satisfied with their overall preparation to obtain employment after graduation from Georgia Tech. Alumni were most likely to indicate that they were prepared to identify, formulate, and solve problems in their discipline (90.6 percent) and to use the techniques, tools, and skills prevalent in their discipline (87.7 percent). Alumni were least likely to indicate that they were prepared to write grant proposals (PhD: 41.5 percent; MS: 22.0 percent). Over 87 percent of respondents reported being employed full-time and 91.9 percent reported being at least somewhat satisfied with their career choice since graduation. While 19.6 percent of respondents indicated that it took up to a year to find their first full-time job after graduation, 45.7 percent reported accepting the position upon graduation. Among doctoral respondents, 33.9 percent reported working in education and 30.6 percent reported working in research and development. Among master’s respondents, the most frequent industries were research and development (17.1 percent), manufacturing (14.4 percent), consulting (13.9 percent), education (10.0 percent), and government (8.0 percent). Among doctoral respondents working in education, 78.1 percent reported working in institutions offering the doctoral degree and 66.7 percent were on the tenure track. The median income for MS graduates was between $70,000 and $79,999 while the median income for PhD graduates was between $90,000 and $99,999.

Georgia Tech Office of Assessment

Background Georgia Tech alumni provide a valuable source of information for evaluating the Georgia Tech experience. In the years after graduation, alumni develop in their chosen careers and learn to appreciate the demands of those careers. The Georgia Tech survey of alumni who received graduate degrees between Summer 2005 through Fall 2008 sought to measure the degree to which alumni perceive that Georgia Tech prepared them for the working world, as well as to gauge their satisfaction with the overall Georgia Tech experience. While this survey is a continuation of the assessment process that began with the survey of graduate alumni in 2002, the 2011 survey underwent a complete redesign, thus comparisons to previous survey results are not always possible. Results from this report may provide insight into what skills and abilities are most valued in the work environment as experienced by Georgia Tech alumni, as well as their satisfaction with the curriculum and other experiences at Georgia Tech. This report highlights the major findings from the survey. Complete survey results, including data specific to academic programs, are available through the Office of Assessment’s Assessment Data Online Retrieval System (ADORS): >.      Sample and Methodology The survey process included standard...
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