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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Although, some students are not interested in math, they have to take it during high school education for mental practice. They deny taking it but they can’t see the power of the math in daily life. According to the researches, the evolution of brain is determined by age of 18 but it starts by age of 0, so this time includes high school years. High school ages are the years that mental evolution occurs.

Math improves the skills by learning geometry, algebra and logic. Social science can’t improve your mathematical skills. It is necessary to do exercise for developing math skills, but on other hand it is fact that social science can improve your other skills. While it is true that art or social science affect the skills by using some skills, but it is only mathematics which improves the mathematical skills.

Math in the world around us sometimes seems invisible. But math is present in our world all the time--in the workplace, in our homes, and in life in general. When you buy a car, follow a recipe, or decorate your home, you're using math principles. This presentation also, is prepared using the principles of math. Math applies to daily life, with sections on gambling odds, buying and leasing cars, population growth, decorating, and cooking. Most sections include hands-on activities. Formulas are a part of our lives. Whether we drive a car and need to calculate the distance, or need to work out the volume in a milk container, algebraic formulas are used every day without you even realizing it.
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