Alternate Ending to Monte Cristo

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I will be starting my alternate ending at 527, right before Maximilien stops The Count from taking the poison. This seems very close to the end, but it will work out. This is going to be a very unique ending, in the way that it changes the whole way you look at the book.

The Count of Monte Cristo looked at Max and smiled, “You are practically my son, and I could not see myself living in this world without you.” He tipped the spoonful of poison down his throat. The Count felt the dazzling poison burn down his throat. “Peace,” he thought, “I can finally be at peace. After the long 25 years I’ve been suffering, I can finally see a brighter future. A brighter future of no future.”

Max ran up to The Count in tears, “No! I can’t lose you. Tell me it’s a lie; tell me that he is only playing one of his mind-boggling games.” Max’s knees began to fail him; he fell to the count’s feet. “Please Count, please! Edmond Dantès! Please, whatever you wish to be called, stay with me!” Max was pleading and hysterical in tears. He felt like his whole world was shattering right before his eyes. The Count of Monte Cristo fell to the ground. His body was frozen and his pulse was little to none.

“Goodbye…,” thought the count of Monte Cristo. His thoughts were becoming a blur and his eyes couldn’t stay open. He was drifting out of reality and into a new world. There was something different though. He didn’t see a beautiful light; he didn’t even feel like this was the end at all. Actually, he felt someone next to him.

He awoke to a soft hand shaking him, “Edmond, are you ok?” His eyelids fluttered open to reveal a bright glare in his face; he also saw a beautiful young woman looking at him with a concerned look on her face. It was Mercedes, she was young and the same as she was before he went into jail.

“Mercedes? What happened here? I thought I had killed myself, why are you so young? Where is Albert?” The questions went on and on. Mercedes seemed to find his confusion...
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