All the Students Should Do Some Kind of Sport in the University.

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  • Published : January 22, 2006
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Sport is the only thing in life that can not only bring physical strength and perfect the body, but also can organize the thoughts and clear the mind. Nowadays, more and more people involve sport in their everyday life. Of course, every single thing has its positive and negative sides; so does exercising. However, most of people usually think of sport as of something good and useful. Unfortunately, not all humans realize how important it is for them and their children to start caring about their physical health. Of course, it is never too late to start; but who knows if people, who start late will get to the point they want. Therefore, it is much better to accommodate to some kind of sport while still young; and the best time to do this is while you are studying in the university. All students should do some kind of sport in the university. In high school physical education was always a class to miss. Nobody really cared about doing well, or getting the best grade there. However, everyone could see the difference between students that involve sports in their life, and the ones that ignore it. Sportsmen were usually more positive, social, optimistic, helpful, easy to talk to, outgoing and more confident in themselves, while people not involved in sports appeared to be more pessimistic, unsatisfied. Students that don't do any sport quickly run out of energy and often feel tired. The one could argue that sportsmen have a reputation of dumb and not highly intellectual people. They may also say that people doing sports do not know anything accept the sport itself. This is a widely known stereotype. People that believe in this kind of thing base their arguments on different bases. For example, they believe that it does not take a lot of brainpower to run or to jump. However, all the people would do some kind of sport there would no be such arguments. To understand what the sport really is, it is very important to try it. Running on a field with a boll may look...
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