All Quiet on the Western Front

Topics: World War I, Trench warfare, World War II Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Kosch Bradford
Period 3
March 13, 2013
“All Quiet On the Western Front” Book Review
“All quiet on the western front” was a war story of a young man’s life during World War 1. The book was told from a different perspective then war books I have previously read before; it showed the German soldiers life and how they perceived the war. It explained harsh events that happened and brutal situations that the Germans endured.

This book takes in the western front where Paul, the main character is stationed. He was convinced by his school teacher to enlist in the German army. He and classmates were all accepted and were now a part of the German army at the age of twenty. Most of the book takes place in the terrifying trenches that everyone feared during this time period. Paul was living the trenches throughout the book except when he was able to go on leave, which is when he went to visit his family. When the battles occurred they were small and didn’t mention the name. Paul didn’t mention the names of battles so there is no truth to what could happen or not have happened.

Reading through Paul’s description of what was occurring the Germans where not winning the war. The Germans were constantly bombarded with mortars and starving unlike the opposing American Army. The Americans were the dominant military force, constantly making the Germans retreat.

The book allowed for understanding how situations occurred during World War 1 but did not allow for actual facts about situations just one man’s point of view, which could have been real or fake. I think the book was based on actual events based on what was written and how it did occur during World War 1.

Paul, a young man was convinced to join the German army. He was a troop of the frontline who was scared at first but became a battled hard veteran who didn’t spook as easy as the new recruits. He realized that being in the terrifying trenches wasn’t as patriotic as he thought. He realizes that war isn’t...
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