All My Sons - Short Esaay

Topics: All My Sons, Truth Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: February 7, 2013
All My Sons
Response Paper
THR 105

“All My Sons” is a very intriguing and captivating play. The characters seemed very real and the plot was very powerful. There are so many questions that the audience wants answers to while watching the play and none are really ever answered until the very end. Since the plot was structured in this way, I felt that it was very crucial to pay as close attention as possible. I found it hard to concentrate on the plot some times because the scene never changes and remains in one location. Usually something structured like that would put me to sleep since the action wasn’t moving out of the backyard, but since there was a lot more going on, I was able to pay attention and keep my focus. I felt like each character had their own lies which kept building up and this definitely kept the plot interesting. This play incorporated elements of family, death, love, lies, pain, and much, much more. Each character was dealing with their own issues and in the end, the truth was reveled and relationships were ruined. I feel as though each character had their own flaws which made them unique and added a different element to the play. Two characters that stood out the most to me were Kate Keller and her son, Chris. Kate believes strongly that her other son, Chris’s brother, Larry, is still alive after being missing from the war for a number of years. She has one of her neighbors work on a horoscope to see if it is even possible for Larry to be dead or not depending on what his favorable days were and she also treasured a tree in her back yard that symbolized him. It almost seemed as though deep down, as much as she wanted him to be alive, she knew the truth and just did not want to come to terms with it and admit to his death. In regards to Chris, he just seems very awkward and almost in some way guilty. He does end up making moves on his missing brother’s ex lover which is definitely not a normal coping method at all. Chris seems kind of as...
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