All Good Thing Cmoe to Those Who Wait

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"Good things come to those who wait." Do u agree or disagree with this?

I completely agree with above sentence that, ”Good things come to those who wait”. In this essay , I would like to say wait for perfect moment. Trust on what you are doing and look how much effort you are taking. Furthermore,to succeed one has to wait for the proper time. In addition, it also test our ability i.e. tolerance, patience.

The first reason I strongly agree because, I have seen lot many people’s lives who achieved success as well as tranquility in their life . Their success path was very difficult. They came across with lot many hurdles. But they kept their focus on what they wanted to achieve. They always kept their life style as down to earth.

The second reason is about individual personality like hardworking and patience. In career life everyone work hard. To get fixed job everyone work hard. In this competitive world every single person need patience to get promote.

The third reason is it teaches principles to our life. Even we have been watching natural phenomenon of human birth. After nine months of mother’s effort baby came. In this way after waiting for long period some miracle happens. If you seen our Indian history , Gandhiji was the only person who achieved freedom by peace and patience. Now everyone is trying to follow their principles.

In conclusion, I would like to say follow your life to this rules.One has to be patient for most of good things.I think this attitude toward life will be helpful to all students and adult too.Thus we can divert their mind those who are searching instant peace.
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