All but My Life

Topics: World War II, Jews, Gerda Weissmann Klein Pages: 4 (1521 words) Published: March 21, 2013
History 121
Book Analysis “All But My Life”
February 15, 2013
All But My Life
All But My Life is a memoir about a young Jewish girl, Gerda Weissmann, who was able to endure the hardships of World War II and the Holocaust. Gerda went through and saw more horrific things in the matter of a few years than any of us will ever have to face in our lifetimes. The fact that a girl this young and hopeless can withstand so much pain but yet contain so much strength should be an inspiration to all. Reading this book really opened my eyes to what the world can bring. After reading Gerda’s journey, I will never again complain of times being tough or depressing in my life. This book really meant a lot to me for that very reason. It is amazing that no matter what Gerda had to face in those years she would constantly be looking forward. Regardless of the circumstances she pushed forward and longed for the time that it would all be over.

As the book is coming to a close Gerda writes, “As I Finish the last chapter of my book, I feel at peace, at last. I have discharged a burden and paid a debt to many nameless heroes, resting in their unmarked graves.” A burden is a heavy load and Gerda definitely had one to get off her shoulders. Up until this book Gerda was never able to tell anyone her full journey. She wasn’t able to share the times spent with the friends she made during the hardships of the Holocaust. The debt she paid to many nameless heroes was that she was able to get the story out to people. Gerda was able to share first hand experiences to people that just may not understand the fight these young girls and other Jewish people put up during these years. The book had to be written because Gerda knew that her journey needed to be told because of the small amount of survivors there were. She was one of the lucky ones who were able to gather the strength to get through this horrific time in history. Thus, as much as she wanted to probably forget, the book had to be...
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