Alexander the Great, Was He Truly?

Topics: Alexander the Great, Achaemenid Empire, Darius III of Persia Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great aspired more hopes and dreams than any man who had ever existed in the history of humanity. He was a noble hero, a righteous politician, flawless tactician, and even referred himself as the son of Zeus. To acquire the title “Great” one must do great deeds, but was Alexander truly great? By age 30, he had conquered what was the known world and that alone is a feat worth titling as great . Alexander merits the title of “Great” because he is still talked about today for his conquering of Persia and the spreading of Greek culture throughout his conquering.

As Alexander the Great left Macedonia to conquer Persia, he decided not to attack Persia first but capture Egypt, who is ruled by Persia at the time. For six months, Alexander and his army stayed in Egypt where Alex himself is brought to his knees upon seeing pyramids where people place much emphasis on rituals and worshipping. Luckily for Alexander, the Egyptians hated the Persians for having little respect for their traditions and culture, so Alexander is revered and hailed as their savior and liberator. The Oracle of Siwa recognized Alexander’s greatness by giving him the highest honor of anointing him pharaoh. Out of respect, Alexander fused his religious deities with the Egyptians, praying to Amun as if it were Zeus.

Alexander and his army travelled to the coast of Lake Mareotis in Egypt and found their location ideal for a city. His brilliant mind explained the exact layout of the future city to his architects. Here in Alexandria, the city named after him, people would worship both Egyptian and Greek gods and even utilize the harbor on the coast as a trading route. Alexander even constructed aqueducts and an irrigation system for the city. By blending Egyptian and Greek gods and technologies from Greece to Egypt, other cultures were now adopting Greek customs and thus started Hellenism.

To occupy all the Mediterranean coast, Alexander decided to attack King...
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