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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Li-Shin Lin
AP American History/Richards
Hour 1

Alexander Hamilton, a founding father and United States Secretary of the Treasury had many thoughts bout America when he first came to America. Alexander Hamilton’s experience in the Revolutionary War drove him to press for political equality, but his conservatism kept him from encouraging social and economic equality.

Hamilton’s experience in the Revolution War drove him to press for political equality. Hamilton didn’t really agree with Washington, “The seven years between Hamilton’s appointment as Secretary of the Treasury and Washington’s retirement from the presidency were, indeed, enchantingly fulfilling the most fulfilling of Hamilton’s career.” (A) Which showed how Hamilton was slowly becoming successful. Then he “created all the institutions then needed to balance the lopsided agricultural economy.” (A) Making he economy more balancing, while fixing the unbalanced political issues.

Hamilton conservatism kept him from encouraging social equality. The conservatism kept him to encourage his social equality, which Hamilton had no idea when he first came to America when he was sixteen. Being in the Secretary of Treasury, “he failed to attract himself followers of possible presidential stature” (A) and that brought his social equality and status down a little. But later on, he “possessed his own special field of knowledge” (A) and “was more truly self-confident” (A) and this boost his social equality a little. Soon he learned “how to analyze popular opinion” (A) but he didn’t really care about popular opinions, instead “he only used his sword” (A) to solve problems.

Lastly Hamilton conservatism kept him from encouraging economic equality. While Hamilton was the Secretary of the Treasury for the United States, he had a “plan for the Bank of the United States, the measures he proposed for fostering manufactures, flew-without any concessions: (A) that proved to the united States that he had...
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