Alcohol Consumption Essay

Topics: Alcoholism, Drinking culture, Alcohol abuse Pages: 6 (2252 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Alcohol Consumption
[Abstract] Everyone knows that alcohol has its consequences. At the same time, people don’t care and brush off the consequences in order to have a good time. This paper summarizes studies done on the physical, cognitive and emotional effects that alcohol has on people, before and after consumption. This paper accesses the effects on a person’s body, mind and soul. Alcohol affects the way a person thinks, acts, and feels. Methods include gathering statistical information and doing studies over many years with the same people. Also included in certain studies are people with a history of blackouts and alcoholism. In this paper, the stability as well as the development of alcohol consumption was investigated. This paper also investigates how alcohol can effect your emotions by messing with your head using cognition. The majority of people used in a certain study on blackouts admitted to being frightened of their last blackout experience (White 206). The characteristics of blackouts in this paper among the college students investigated were compared to the standard model of reports from alcoholics (White 206). [Introduction] Young people are at a point in their life where they are searching for excitement and ways to fit in and have fun. The combination of alcohol, a few friends and a party seem to mesh into a perfect night for most adolescents. A considerable amount of concern exists about the effects of alcohol. Studies show evidence of what happens to a person in the present when they consume alcohol. Studies can also show the kind of reason a person may choose not to drink, or just how much you drink. In this paper, studies from the Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study, the Research Report on how Alcohol Effects Emotion through Cognition, and the Experimental Aspects of Alcohol-Induced Blackouts among College Students were used. Most of the participants in these studies listed were between the ages of 13-32, or at the main ages of alcohol consumption. Experts want to figure out the short-term and long-term consequences of alcohol consumption, and although it’s hard to tell the long-term effects, using various tests, studies and experimentations can show the short-term consequences. Previous studies have documented that alcohol does affect one, whether it be yelling out crazy curse words or passing out on your friend’s back porch. Intoxication most noticeably changes a person’s actions. Emotions are also an instrumental tool in determining the effects of alcohol. Choosing not to drink compared to what kind of drink you choose ultimately affects your body and actions. A main environment that excessive drinking is often tolerated, and oftentimes supported, is on a college campus (White 209). This paper’s goal is to inform the reader about studies in the past and what information they have gathered. The effects of alcohol on a person, the physical damage intoxication has on a person and the short-term memory loss that goes along with being intoxicated are all points made in this paper.

Alcohol’s Effects on You
Emotional. A person’s emotions are affected by alcohol from the very first moment they are trying to decide if they want to drink or not. A person’s appearance (whether or not they are a man or woman) or what others may think of them plays a role in what a man or woman drinks, when they drink, and at what age they drink. One way you can see emotional effects and alcohol coinciding is by noticing what type of drink a man and a woman typically order from year to year. In a study done on the addictive behavior of adolescents and young adults, beer is the most popular drink for men before the age of 27, and then after the age of 27, the consumption of wine considerably increases (Koppes 184). The best way to explain this statistic emotionally is to say that beer is considered a “man drink.” Men do not want to be considered feminine at a young age; therefore...
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