Alcohol Awareness

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Executive Summary

Alcohol abuse among young people is a serious issue facing society. The Clarity Foundation has developed a strategy to help address this challenge and through a series of initiatives hopes to change the way young people view alcohol abuse and the associated dangers.

From a detailed situation and environmental analysis it became clear there were a number of challenges facing this initiative. The most notable challenges involved the attitudes of young people themselves. To effect the greatest behavioral change, the program was targeted at those at the greatest risk – high school and university students. The key to this program became the education of the health and societal dangers of alcohol abuse.

The Clarity Foundation goals of this strategy are:
1. To promote a wider awareness of the consequences of alcohol abuse. 2. To provide a forum for education and discussion.
3. To invoke a change in young people’s behavior.

The strategy itself is a three-tiered initiative involving educational lectures using professionals, a multimedia program and an internet discussion forum. This initiative is designed to target sub-elements of the youth demographic for maximum effect. A system of evaluation is also in place to review the effectiveness of the program. This involves the use of surveys and feedback from participants, teachers and parents. Furthermore, the forum will be a vital part of the initiative to gauging the attitudes and opinions of the young people involved.

It is the belief of Clarity Foundation that through the program and its focus upon issues such as peer influence and anonymity, this initiative has a very strong ability to promote a greater awareness among young people of the dangers of alcohol abuse – and through that education change the attitudes and behaviors of the young people it reaches.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary1
1.0 Background, Purpose, and Focus4
2.0 Situation Analysis4
2.1 SWOT Analysis5
2.2 Environment6
2.2 Previous Contributions/ Efforts7
3.0 Target Market Profile8
3.1 Demographics9
3.2 Related behaviors9
3.3 Secondary markets9
4.0 Marketing Objectives and Goals10
4.1 Social Marketing objectives10
4.2 Goals11
5.0 Target Market Barriers, Benefits, and the Competition11
5.1 Percieved Barriers11
5.2 Potential Benefits12
5.3 Competing Behaviors12
6.0 Positioning Statement13
7.0 Marketing Mix Strategies13
7.1 Product13
7.2 Price14
7.3 Place15
7.4 Promotion15
8.0Evaluation Plan15
8.1 Evaluation Markers16
9.0 References17

1.0 Background, Purpose, and Focus

One of the most important issues facing the youth demographic, not only in Australia but on a global scale, is that of excessive alcohol consumption. Despite an increasing social trend of improving health and lifestyle, heavy alcohol consumption and abuse is still a major concern to our society. Ritson (1981) identifies that “in most countries, the past decade has seen an increase in alcohol consumption which has been particularly evident among young people. This increase has been most marked for girls. These changes have brought about an attendant rise in alcohol related problems amongst adolescents” (Ritson, 1981).

Our organization has constructed a marketing plan and strategy with the goal of changing attitudes and beliefs towards the use of alcohol in young people. This plan will, in detail, address a number of core aspects pertaining to this issue- ranging from a detailed analysis of demographics, environmental factors, previous research and normative beliefs and trends. Furthermore, we will offer a detailed and complex strategy ideally suited to addressing the prevalent problems of alcohol abuse among young people. This strategy is focused upon high school and university students, who from our detailed research are greatly susceptible to this problem. We will be launching a number...
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