Alberti and de Re Aedificato

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Alberti And De Re Aedificatoria

Architects, as a conceiver of city, the concept of public space and buildings, act as several statuses. Their social status may high, but more often relatively low status. During the Middle Ages, painting, sculpture and architecture are subject to the limitations of three kinds of hand-crafts the visual arts. During the Renaissance in Italy, because control of the drawing (not construction), the architect obtained a new identity with higher social status. This is a big change of architect.

Adrian Forty writes that the design make the build and construction became opposition. One side is construction which contains all build, and the other side is the nonmaterial. In other words, the design concern is to build outside. In 15 and 16 century the design began to stay away from construction site, the architect's job is mental related, rather than the physical labor. before construction, the design drawing become valuable, and make the design depth. In the Renaissance, the first one who considered the architect as a professional art and mental work is Leon Battista Alberti and his "De Re Ædificatoria", published in 1450. He makes great emphasis on the importance of drawing. So that the drawing is Every person who aspires to be the architect must master the most important skills.

Alberti was born in Genoa on February 14, 1404, the son of a Florentine noble. He received the best education available in the 15th century, first at the school of Barsizia at Padua (Padova) and then at the University of Bologna. He was proficient in Greek, mathematics, and the natural sciences. As a poet, a philosopher, and one of the first organists of his day, Alberti greatly influenced his contemporaries. In 1432, he was appointed a papal secretary by Pope Eugene IV.

Alberti's architectural training began with the study of antique monuments during his first stay (1432-1434) in Rome. Subsequently he joined the papal court in Florence, where he...
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