Al in Phoenix

Topics: Truck, Automobile, Logic Pages: 3 (1152 words) Published: April 1, 2012
In Dagoberto Gilb’s story “Al in Phoenix” the narrator feels that Al is treating him unfairly. The narrator believes that Al thinks of him as a guy that is living loose and not bothering to get a job (Gilb 75-81). The narrator being the inductive thinker thought that Al was being unfair to him because of the way he was being treated. Al on the other hand, uses deductive thinker because he just based his facts about the truth. Al based that the only reason the narrator is at the garage getting his car fixed was because of it having problems and probably because he had the image of the narrator of being a living loose type of person that worries about every single little thing. In his short story, Gilb uses two different types of characters. One of the characters being inductive meaning that they make an inference based on fact, or a conclusion about the unknown based on what is known. The other character being deductive meaning when an argument rests on a fact, a fundamental truth, a right, or a value. Gilb’s story “Al in Phoenix," tells of a guy, who is the narrator, whose car breaks down in Phoenix, Arizona. The narrator dials Triple-A hoping they could help him out with the car. A tow truck arrives and takes his car to a mechanic that was well-known in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. The mechanic named Al was long-familiar for fixing any car’s troubles and not charging so much for a single tire placement. The narrator was worried that the car’s repair would cost him a fortune just like at another city he was at. Therefore, Al was making the narrator impatient and nervous (Gilb 75-81). Al only kept repeating, “I can’t say everything needs time” (Gilb 75-81). The narrator annoyed of the quote started to get angry. Al repairs the narrator’s car in under an hour making the Narrator sigh in relief. The narrator pays his bill, which he is fairly shocked to see, was relatively at a good bargain, before heading to a motel to spend the night. The next morning the...
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