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Customer login access

Pick up orders system
Order with Friends
Introduce paramters like vegetarion, Healthy etc
Corporate catering - Tying up with corporate for employees to order from site mandatarily

convenience and choice of food
Currently, this space doesn’t have volumes
portal is just a service aggregator and not actually responsible for food delivery. consumer delight depends on many other factors
Can you make it clear to your customers that you are essentially a dispatcher? How does one make sure that the food will arrive on time and as per SLAs?

Small eateries neither has a portal nor has the expertise to leverage the internet or the social media.They agreed as it would be incremental business at no extra cost

What problem is a visitor to your site trying to solve
focus your efforts on attracting and engaging these users Working late in office? Left without provisions at home? Can’t dine out because of foul weather or because you don’t know the local joints

We see good spike on weekends and repeat orders from people who have opted for the service once innovative play is taking place globally where these companies are betting big on mobile apps and social marketing.

Defining audience
Market - B2C or B2B
Category - Students, Professionals, Working indivisuals, Business people Level of expertise - Web surfers, Email users, Online chatters Audience Characterization - Profession, Location, Gender, age, Lifestyle preference Scenerios of use - Situation when the site shall be used

User Enviorements - Technical challanges
Technical expertise - expertise in using a website , What hardware, Software & Monitor size User profile - Generic or Specific
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