Airport Retail

Topics: Indira Gandhi International Airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Air India Pages: 23 (6724 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Airport Retailing

Foreword 2

1. The Journey So Far 3
1.1 Mapping the Development
1.2 Policy Changes in Civil Aviation
1.3 Evolving Business Model
2. Airports Today 10
2.1 Key Industry Drivers
2.1.1 Passenger Traffic
2.1.2 Air Cargo Industry
2.1.3 Aircraft Fleet
2.1.4 Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
2.2 Stakeholders' Perspective
2.2.1 Airports Authority of India
2.2.2 Current Private Players
2.2.3 Infrastructure Committee of the Planning Commission
2.2.4 Airlines
2.2.5 Passengers
2.2.6 Retail Players

Chapter| Contents| Page no.|
1)| Executive Summary| 3|
2)| Problem statement| 4|
3)| Research objective| 4|
4)| Scope Of Research| 4|
5)| Research methodology| 4|
6)| Literature review6.1 Airport and its Non Aeronautical Scenario6.2 Indian Aviation Policies & Govt Regulations6.3 Air Travelers6.4 Product Category| 556912| 7)| Suggestions| 14|
8)| Bibliography| 15|

The report includes a concise, but complete description on AirPort retailing in India. Retailing in the present context has become one of the key contributors to the economic growth of our country. It has emerged in multiple formats in the recent times thereby contributing to the economy. Airport retailing is one such type of retail format which is distinct from other day to day channels of distribution.

The research is in consideration to the fact of increasing number of travelers by air planes across the country. With the reviving of Indian economy the spending power of the citizens has also increased. And also the number of foreigners visiting India is increasing with the increase in the trade opportunities in India along with promotions of tourism in India. Indian airports are also modernizing and creating new opportunities not just for advertising and branding but for retailing as well. In such a scenario it makes business sense to have a retail presence at the domestic and international Indian airports. Over the past five years, the efforts of the airports to develop revenue from non-aeronautical sources have driven strong growth in the airport retail sector. The sector will become all the more strategic as the decline in air traffic forces airports to reduce their dependency on airline fees. Airports are battling to improve performance and optimize the management of concessions, while retail operators face the challenge of responding to the airports’ new expectations and growing competition. The purpose of this research is to analyze the concepts that have helped the airport retail industry grow in metro cities and how these concepts can be applied to other cities. The study also focuses on how to master the airport retail and how it can be helpful to the developing cities of India. Thus the research necessarily studies the airport environment and takes the following aspects in to the consideration:- * Air Policies & Regulations

* Air Ports, Air Crafts And Air Travelers
* Product Category
* Business Plans

Airport retailing, as a retailing concept has emerged in India. In current scenario it makes business sense to have a retail presence at the domestic and international Indian Airports. Airport retailing has been taken up well in the cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and is in a stage of conception in other cities. In spite of the development of the airport retail concepts at Mumbai and Delhi, the major factors that are responsible for the emergence development and acceptance of the industry are still not known. Airports are turning in to new retail destination where travelers can relax and shop at leisure thereby improving the travel experience. Our study focuses on the concepts that have helped the airport retail industry grow in to metro cities. 3. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE

Primary Objective:...
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