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B Eng Research Proposal - Form A|

Form A is an explanatory structure of what a B.Eng dissertation proposal should include.


Student Name: Mohammad Bilal Karamally
Student ID: EAC 0910368
Course: Individual Project
Email: Bilal
Supervisor: Mr Abdul Nasser Chakra

Project Details|

Project Title:


Abstract/ Summary:

The hydro-foam constructed from balsa and various other materials that performs exceptional maneuvers on all form of ground as well as on water. In addition to this it also has the capability to take off from ground and water and is able to perform aerobatic stunts. A new type of hydro foam lightweight yet very streamed lined.

* Design and construct an hydro foil that is light in weight * Use materials that will withstand the most rugged terrain and water * Be aerodynamically stable
* A design that will create the least disturbance on water while manoeuvring * A motor so well positioned and so powerful so that the hydrofoil easily is able to take off from the ground and water

Project Outcomes:

* A good material selection criteria will be outlined
* Methods of using monokote as a mean of water proofing will be established * Aerodynamically stable with streamed line airflow at any height * The base knife sharp to create a stream lined flow on the water table * Proper calculations for motor power to support the throttle required for takeoff and airflow around the hydrofoil

Why are you interested in the project?

What are the key questions the project attempts to answer?

What Research Methods do you intend to use?

* Internet Browsing:
Forums, youtube, RC websites and various pages on hovercraft and wing design * Reading books:
Theory and calculations of aerodynamics relating to hovercraft and its wing design. In addition to research pertaining to...
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