Air Pollution Essay - 1

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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Air Pollution is anything that goes into the air that is harmful. Most air pollution is manmade. The largest contributor to air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels such as gas and coal. Air pollution can also be said is the accumulation in the atmosphere of substances that, in sufficient concentrations, endanger human health or produce other measured effects on living matter and other materials. Among the major sources of air pollution are power and heat generation, the burning of solid wastes, industrial processes, and, especially, transportation. The six major types of air pollutants are carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, particulates, sulfur dioxide, and photochemical oxidants.

One of the air polution is acid rain. Acid rain is some of the sulfur dioxide gases released as waste products from factories, cars, and power plants mix with water vapor in the atmosphere to produce acid rain . Rain is slightly acidic, but when mixed with such chemicals as sulfuric acid and nitric acid, it can reach dangerous levels. Acid rain can damage soil, crops, and forests as well as eat away at the outer surfaces of buildings. In some places, acid rain that has fallen into lakes and rivers has caused severe harm to the animals and plants living there. Acid rain has affected many parts of the United States and Canada, as well as countries in northern and western Europe and parts of Asia example China. The wind can carry pollutants great distances from their source, many areas have suffered devastating effects of acid rain without being responsible for the chemical waste that caused it.

Next is about carbon monoxide. From The American Heritage, Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright by Houghton Mifflin Company, carbon monoxide means a colourless, odourless, highly poisonous gas, CO formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon or a carbonaceous material, such as gasoline. This gas can is most probably can be...
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