Air Pollution

Topics: Air pollution, Earth, Global warming Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Air Pollution
Anthony Hampton
Everest University
Environmental Science

There are many different types of air pollution, either way none of them are good for our health or our atmosphere. Air pollution has gotten worse through the years, the more factories we have and the cars we drive have had an impact on the earth. Smog is one of the types of air pollution, it is defined when smoke is present in the earth after emitting different sources. That is why a lot of times stated require you to have smog and emissions tests done on your vehicle yearly, we want to make sure we are keeping the environment as clean as possible. But cars are not the only reason for smog, different types of factories and industries play a part as well. For instance when industries do production from different types of material they can produce smog, smog can cause serious respiratory infections if not controlled. Chemicals used by these companies produce types of toxic materials which is why they are also responsible as well.

Another type of air pollution that we hear so often is the greenhouse effect. This is air pollution being caused by several different gasses. Some people call it a theory; others know that there is evidence in supporting the proof behind it. The gasses affect the atmosphere when they move upwards, and also destroy all types of life including plants, humans, animals, and even destroys crops as well. The six gasses are methane, sulphur, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and ozone. To sum it up pollution is usually raised by the burning of fossil fuel, which is why we need to find alternatives. This is bad for humans because it can hurt their skin and also cause different types of cancer for humans. Greenhouse gasses are not good for our health and in large quantities can be fatal.

Accidental air pollution is also another type of pollution this is mainly accidents that are caused in nature. It is the type of pollution...
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